We help companies build better-synchronized marketing models and better-integrated organizations to ensure that programs are successful.

A database modeling, analytics and management company sought to position itself as an innovation leader. We assessed the marketplace, identified customer needs, and developed concepts that enabled our client to claim proprietary ownership, position themselves as the experts in their industry, and launch a new specialty division of their company. The result was a unique new data product and strategy that has already generated interest from one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.


WHAT are your challenges?

Everyone wants to achieve greater ROI with marketing, everyone wants to better integrate marketing programs, and everyone wants it to be easier to execute projects – with fewer people. Effectively and seamlessly integrating marketing and business operations is an undertaking that is often over-simplified. Success hinges on the right mix of solution elements: people, strategy, technology and implementation. Few can truly provide clients with this comprehensive a solution. At BlendedBusiness, this is our core strength and focus.

Our name reflects our focus on helping clients better grasp the challenges not only of integrated marketing, but also of the marketing mix, the linking of various operations, technologies and databases, and optimizing organizational structure for better alignment of internal teams, resources and operations.

Easier said than done. BlendedBusiness brings the right expertise and firepower to the table. Our team of best-of-breed consultants spans areas of expertise that include technology, retail marketing strategy, branding, change management and operations improvement.

BlendedBusiness makes marketing programs more effective, efficient and easy to manage.  We take the burden off our clients by providing innovative ideas; by integrating and automating disparate campaign management functions, components and workflows; and by overseeing implementation and analysis. 

Our practice areas include:

  • Shopper marketing (i.e. loyalty marketing, social media)
  • Retail and in-store marketing (i.e. POP, loyalty programs, media integration and activation, promo  
    partnerships, merchandising strategy)
  • Digital out-of-home (i.e. digital signage, mobile marketing)

Our areas of focus are:

  • Helping marketing service companies broaden their offerings, capabilities and positioning to deliver broader, one-stop-shop solutions to their corporate clients. This may mean helping these companies develop new offerings in-house, it may mean securing strategic partnerships, or it may mean finding good acquisition candidates.

  • Helping corporations better understand the inner workings of implementing integrated marketing. The specific emphasis here is on tying together the various internal (corporate) and external (agencies and vendors) stakeholders to ensure consistency, compliance, and an ability to track and analyze results. The blend of services that makes up our client solutions will always vary, since we’re all about customizing to specific client needs and conditions.

Much of what we deliver is likely to be driven through centralized, web-based technologies and robust data systems, but don’t mistake us for an I.T. company; we simply believe that technology is a key marketing and business driver.