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We help marketing service providers deliver deeper, broader, more strategic and longer-term solutions to their customers.

A mid-size marketing agency was seeking to add new, strategic services that it could sell to existing and new clients. We oversaw the market analysis, development of strategy and the business plan, and ultimately managed this new division for a period of time on an outsourced basis.


Marketing service providers

BlendedBusiness helps companies with Fortune 500 clients and prospects create better-integrated marketing by helping them develop and implement innovative business and marketing strategies. Most of our consulting customers are below-the-line marketing service providers (i.e. POP companies, digital signage, database companies, etc.), and many focus specifically on retail marketing solutions. As part of our concept, we often help these companies to offer a broader scope of services -- by blending them with other partner companies.

BlendedBusiness also helps its consulting customers enhance their businesses by making innovative enhancements to their existing models, upgrading their positioning, crafting their marketing strategies, and identifying logical business partners and acquisition candidates. Ultimately, we help our clients to position themselves to compete against large, national players.

It’s harder and harder for marketers to succeed. At BlendedBusiness, we set our clients apart as innovative, effective leaders.

BlendedBusiness makes marketing programs more effective, efficient and easy to manage.  We take the burden off our clients by providing innovative ideas; by integrating and automating disparate campaign management functions, components and workflows; and by overseeing implementation and analysis.  Our practice areas include:

  • Shopper marketing (i.e. loyalty marketing, social media)
  • Retail and in-store marketing (i.e. POP, loyalty programs, media integration and activation, promo partnerships, merchandising strategy)
  • Digital out-of-home (i.e. digital signage, mobile marketing)

Our Solutions May Involve:

  • Technology/data integration and management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Direct marketing implementation (all channels)
  • Production and fulfillment
  • Event management
  • Research

The BlendedBusiness Model consists of three tiers:

  1. The Thin Agency.
    First, we help you add a consultative layer to your company.  No more selling from a price sheet; now you'll bring thought leadership and sell solutions to your clients at a higher executive level..

  2. Technology Solutions
    Second, we devise technology and data-driven tools to drive efficiency into applicable areas.  These
    tools become embedded in your clients' workflow and create opportunity for engaging clients in multi-
    year contracts.

  3. Commoditized Marketing Services
    Third, the technology solutions you provide to your clients generate reliable, profitable commodity work to your organization.