We're here to become an extension of our clients. Here's what we've done.

A mid-size marketing agency was seeking to add new, strategic services that it could sell to existing and new clients. We oversaw the market analysis, development of strategy and the business plan, and ultimately managed this new division for a period of time on an outsourced basis.


Case Studies

BlendedBusiness is a premier provider of end-to-end marketing integration and automation strategies and solutions. We create customized platforms for companies that make their marketing more effective, measurable and consistent, all while also making the task of managing your marketing much less time-consuming and more centralized.

Case Study:

A midsize service provider sought elevate itself from being perceived as a commodity vendor to being acknowledged as a total retail marketing solution provider. BlendedBusiness worked with the company to build their comprehensive Strategy Map and determine all the key under-the-hood elements that needed to be modified or created.